Asher Yatzar Poster

From "Gifts from Hashem" based on Rabbi Avigdor Miller's teachings.

OU Daily Tehillim

Join the Orthodox Union community for the recitation of Tehillim (chapters 20, 27 and 130) and words of inspiration at 1 PM, Sunday-Thursday. To participate, call 773-377-9170 or 480-210-2150. Due to call congestion and those who have had issues connecting in the past, you may need to try both numbers.

Weekly Women's Tehillim (CBY)

When: Mondays at 9pm.
What: Join women and girls in the community in completing all of Sefer Tehillim, followed by a Misheberach L'cholim.
Bring your own Tehillim. Enter the chapters you are reciting in the 'Chat' on the Zoom panel.
Host: Randi Wartelsky, Cong. Bnai Yeshurun
Zoom link: Enter password cby.

COVID-19 Cholim

Editable list of cholim maintained by Michael Poppers and Elan Weinreb.

RCBC Bergen Shul Directory

Bergen County Shul Directory

Yehi Ratzon Prayer

from Torah Anytime

Care with a Prayer

A global campaign to pray for healthcare workers fighting against the Coronavirus. Anyone can visit the website to
request the name of a healthcare worker to pray for, and healthcare workers can submit their own names to have someone pray for them.

Once a name has been requested, recipients receive an email with the healthcare worker’s name and profession along with the suggested universal prayer.

Rabbi Steinsaltz's Prayer for this time

Prayer composed by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz for a time of trouble and distress, updated for this pandemic. For Hebrew version, visit

Kavod Acharon Tribute Site

"During these terrible days of corona isolation, we have suffered the loss of so many people who were not given the opportunity to be eulogized and respected properly.
We created this site so that everyone would be able to share their memories and tributes to the people we lost and, in this way, not only honor them, but also somewhat mitigate our pain."

Virtual Minyanim

Daven B'yichidus...but together." Listed by tefila, shul, & zman.
Click on the link next to the Zoom Minyan.
Note: Zoom minyanim are not considered actual minyanim.

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