In a time of need, we rely on each other...

COVID-19 has hit Bergen County especially hard. We have been negatively impacted medically, financially, and socially. This site provides resources to address these various needs.


Please check BergenShulsTogether.com often for updates on financial aid resources, food assistance, torah study opportunities and other links to help the Jewish community of Bergen County get through the COVID-19 crisis.


It remains extremely important to continue proper social distancing practices. See CDC website below for guidelines.


If you suspect that you may be having Coronavirus symptoms, click here to learn what to do.


The CDC website has all the latest information relating to the Coronavirus and all the precautions that you should take in these trying times. Click here to visit their website.


There are many ways to help those in need. Click here for a list of organizations and fundraisers that are working hard to help the community during the COVID-19 crisis. 


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This site is supported by

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